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5 Best Herbs & Remedies for Bones and Knee Pain

Published on: Aug 26, 2022

The world of herbs is so diverse that we hardly know much about them. Do you know that each country and each culture has its own traditional grandma recipes for curing various ailments? This time, we are dwelling on the fact that there are so many natural herbs that will bring a cure for bones and knee pain. You can easily buy natural herbs in Kochi now through reliable online stores in Kochi and leave the woes of traveling in the city. They will deliver the freshest of herbs to your doorstep and what more could your health ask for?


You must have heard that cardamom is very powerful in combating problems like headaches and influenza related problems. You can get this spice in online stores, and add them to your tea or use the oil infused with cardamom. It will alleviate any type of muscle pain, or knee pain, and reduce the pressure of muscle contractions in due course of time. 


Moving on to the next power herb, we have the turmeric root. It is a bright root and grown underground. You can get its dried and powdered form in packets in the quality supermarkets in kakkanad in Kochi. This medicine is one of the most powerful medicines for arthritis and other bone related pains. It contains curcumin which helps to fight away inflammation and infections in the body. You can add them to your turmeric tea in the morning and even add a pinch to all your cooking.


Ginger is a must have herb in Indian cooking, as it helps in the digestion process. You can get to buy such fresh natural herbs in Kochi, as the juice of this herb can be soaked in a cloth and tied across the inflamed body part. Alongside, try drinking ginger tea daily, and see how the pain reduces naturally. Have this daily in your diet and bring down the pain with no artificial medications.


These woody barks may look tasteless but they are awesomely sweet and a primary ingredient in flavoring the famous breakfast cinnamon rolls. This bark can be used in your teas, and spices mixed in your curries.  You just roast and powder them. Cinnamon helps to reduce inflammation in the joints and avoids cases of swelling and pain.

Javitri/ Mace

Last on the list of natural remedies for knee pain is Mace and it is easily available in the supermarkets in Kakkanad in small quantities. It is the outer skin of the spice nut Nutmeg. You just a small pinch, roast it, powder it, and apply it to your joints to reduce pain and any time of inflammation. You can also store the Mace bits in a small cloth potlis and dip them in hot oil and massage the area gently.  This herb is very good to cure arthritis. It is best to try this daily to see the natural power of pain relief with Mace herb.

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