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Best Exotic Fruits To Try This Spring Season

Published on: Mar 20, 2021

Best Exotic Fruits To Try This Spring Season

Finally, spring is knocking at your door! And you have been waiting so long for this season to come. The warm and cozy season is filled with an encouraging mood and nature brings everything you need from growing trees, blooming flowers, and ripened fruits, and so on. You might have struck in winter and yearning for spring to rejuvenate yourself. And along with this new season, we get exotic fruits online in Cochin and it’s time to bring some home.


Avocado is a large green fruit with leathery skin. This versatile fruit is also known as butter fruit which provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocado is one of the most popular spring season fruits which is even available around the world if you wish to buy fruits online in Cochin.


Best eaten fresh lychee fruit is highly tempting with its distinctive taste and reddish skin covered with tiny spikes. Peel off the rough and pink exterior skin to expose fragrant floral toned white flesh with a hard brownish seed inside. You will die to have Lychee fruit during spring and definitely, your children will love it.

Dragon Fruit

Who is the Honolulu Queen? Refresh yourself with the nutrient-rich dragon fruit, one of the most popular exotic fruits online in Ernakulam. Feel its firmness and the ripe fruit will have a sweet smell. The color of the fruit’s exterior skin varies from pink to yellow. Slice down the middle and scoop the fleshy creamy seeded pulp.


Apricot is an excellent low-cal addition to your weight loss diet if you are too much concerned about your health and body. This short and sweet fruit can fill you up for several hours. Apricots are a smaller version of a peach but extremely nutritious. So, raise your hands for this delicious fruity season!

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is very nutritious and is fastly gaining popularity among the health-conscious. Even though it is small in size, passion fruit is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which could greatly benefit your health. It is currently one of the most demanded exotic fruits online in Kochi.


These tiny beauties will convince you to eat it right away! Plums will just make your spring debut way better and these come in a panorama of color and sizes. Plums are loaded with nutrients that promote your health and well-being. Most plums are firmer and fleshed and super juicy when enjoyed fresh and the flavor changes from sweet to tart.


Nectarines are among the most popular imported fruits online in Cochin. They are round, yellow-red colored fruits that are about the size of apples. Nectarines have firm skin outside, and yellowish flesh inside. They resemble peaches, but are very different. It is one of the best fruits you can have to stay hydrated, as they contain almost 85% water.


Would you prefer warm weather snacks or a handful of chilled berries? Nothing better than this, right? Who would say no to tiny bright red sweet cherries? Apart from their sweetness, berries are low in calories and extremely nutritious. This small fleshy fruit ranges from strawberry, Raspberries, to Blackberries. Pick your best choice for this spring season.

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