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Everything you need to know about seafood and health

Published on: Sep 23, 2022

Seafood is considered to be the most easily perishable food if bought and stored in the right way. If the fish is not refrigerated well or has been experiencing some sort of storage issues at supermarkets in Kakkanad then it tends to develop toxins that can cause illness on consumption. 

All kinds of seafood are termed to be a great source of nutrients and have proven to be an ideal health pack to improve brain, eye, and heart health. Seafood is highly recommended to make a part of your diet irrespective of age category and you need to have it at least twice a week. 

Buying seafood

Buying fresh seafood well suitable to eat is a skill and it takes a lot of effort to gauge the quality of the catch. A good quality source is a trademark and it is the credibility of a reputed store. So always prefer a reputed store to buy the fresh catch for your daily needs. It is also important to remember that rather than a supermarket, a stand-alone fish shop will have more fresh produce and they are the one who get fresh stock daily.

Benefits of eating fish

Fish is a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and also is rich in protein and vitamins; so it is considered to be an important part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. 

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish cause less chance of heart disease risks and also tend to lower triglyceride levels. The same contents aid in slowing down the growth of plaque in your arteries and together lower the blood pressure. The omega-3 fatty acids are proven to stay beneficial to developing babies and eating the right kind of fish causes pregnant and breastfeeding women to pass the nutrient to the upcoming baby. There are numerous fish products like fish spices with higher levels of omega-3s and the doctors recommend that heart patients eat them at least once a week.

Things to remember on buying fish

Before buying fish by online fish delivery in kochi, check its smell, colour and firmness and make sure they smell fresh and mild. A strong smell from the fish is a bad indication and the fish happens to smell when its deterioration begins. So, fresh fish does not smell fishy or does not smell ammonia, if it smells so, it is not a fresh catch. A fresh fish will have a firmness in its body and the outer flesh shines and remains moist all along. Freshness in fish does not sink and the flesh springs back when pressed with your finger. Then comes the storage part to consider. On storing fresh fish for your next day's need, wrap it tightly in plastic wraps and need to be packed individually for some fish types. It is also recommended to fill in some water with the fresh fish before freezing to retain its freshness. Care has to be taken that fish flesh from the fresh fish supplier does not come in contact with the moisture content to prevent the discolouring of fish.

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