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How To Keep Your Summer Fruits Fresh

Published on: Mar 22, 2021

How To Keep Your Summer Fruits Fresh

How about prolonging the lives of your favorite summer fruits?

Could you find perfectly ripe fruits to dehydrate yourself in the scorching heat? Probably these ripe fruits won’t last as long as you expect. So, you need to make your favorite fruits last a bit longer. Here are a few tips for storing your favorite summer fruits you bought online in Kochi.

Common tips to consider

● Your summer fruit storage should begin from keeping the refrigerator clean. Though it isn’t a funny task, you can manage to do it perfectly as your sweet and delicious fruits are waiting to be filled in it without any contamination.

● Whenever you buy fresh fruits in Cochin, try to keep these away from a gas stove. Because this may increase ripening.

● Over-stuffed or packed refrigerators will prevent air from circulating and can easily spoil your summer fruits.

● Never mix meat and fruits in the fridge. Store it separately to prolong the freshness of fruits.

● The best way to store fruits is to pack in glass containers, rather than plastic ones. Plastic containers are likely to spoil your fruits sooner.

● If you have a habit of keeping fresh fruits in the refrigerator door, then it’s time to change. In the door, the temperature is more likely to vary.

1. Berries

Berries should be thoroughly washed before storing them in the refrigerator. Wash them for a few minutes and change the water at least three times. Use vinegar in the first wash, this will help to purify and cleanse them. It will prevent mold from forming while they’re in the fridge. Kill the bacteria found on berries with a hot water bath. Soak strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries in 125-degree water for about 30 seconds. This is an easy way to prolong their life. Avoid storing berries in an airtight container.

2. Grapes

Grapes are among the most popular fresh fruits online in Ernakulam. One thing to remember while using this fruit is that - do not wash grapes before storing them. Take grapes out from the refrigerator and wash using hot water just before eating them. You should store grapes unwashed. Storing grapes with their stem can prolong their freshness.

3. Pineapple

If you wish to store your pineapple for two days, keep it in the refrigerator without cutting it. A whole pineapple will last up to five days if stored whole in the refrigerator. Having leftover pineapple chunks? Don’t worry, store it in an airtight container filled with pineapple juice.

4. Apples

Spray a bit of lemon juice on cut apples to prevent them from turning brown. Cover them with plastic wrap before placing them in the refrigerator and also don’t forget to remove rotten apples as soon as you notice them. Store fresh whole apples covered or themselves in the refrigerator, cut apples will spoil easily than fresh apples.

5. Melons

Store your melon in a pierced paper bag at room temperature or keep them in their drawer of the refrigerator. Do not allow it to mix with other fruits, because the ethylene gas other fruits produce will cause a melon to spoil faster. Never allow your watermelon to absorb other flavors and smells, so wrap your cut watermelon in plastic wrap and keep it moist.

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