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Is It Really Worth PurchasingVegetables Online In Kochi?

Published on: May 5, 2021

Nobody knows lifehacks like Kochites. When purchasing a phone or a home, discounts are atop priority. The new-age Kochi people, on the otherhand, go online for their regularly needed vegetables. And the astute Kochi native understands that buying fresh fruits and vegetables online has its own advantages. Not only are the itemsof superior quality, but they are often packaged and diced.

E-sellers’ thoughtful initiatives are tempting manyto give up age-old practices like negotiating with vendors and snapping the lady's finger in halfto search for freshness - like scientific packaging that holds veggies and fruits fresh to no-questions-asked returns.

According to recent data, about 60% of online shoppers buy vegetables online in Ernakulam.This is a significant improvement over last year whenfresh produce did not play a significantrole in online shopping statistics.

Why People are Buying Fresh vegetables and Fruits Online inKochi?

Though convenience and quality are primarily to blamefor the increase in online grocers'vegetable sales, it should also be noted that Kochitesare experimenting with food in ways theyhave never done before. They now have standards forproducts that a street vendor can obtainor that are too expensive. Oranges, for example, costat least Rs. 100 each kilo at anyvegetable vendor. Leading online stores in Kochi wereselling 3 kilos for Rs. 100 until lastmonth. People are attracted to these offers, as wellas the exotic fruits and veggies online storesoffer.

What Do the Sellers Have To Say?

E-commerce for fruits and vegetables is complicated,but it has the benefit of a high percentageof repeat orders. All you have to do is make a goodfirst impression on a customer. You can addanother regular to your clientele when a customeris fulfilled.

"There has been a huge outpouring of support. Almost90% of our customers place repeatorders every few months "n days," Jenson, CEO of KLNew, says. A steady increase inbusiness can be attributed to an increasing list ofloyal customers. It's a good amount of sales ifa large number of households purchase all of theirfruit and vegetable needs from an e-store.

Even though such stores are busy during the month,weekends are particularly busy. Retailershave more orders placed on Fridays and Saturdays.It reaches its peak on the first weekend ofeach month. According to leading e-retailers of fruitsand veggies in Kochi, they do a lot morebusiness on weekends than we do on other days.


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