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Know your food! What should we eat to stay healthy?

Published on: Apr 26, 2022

The food we all know is something we cannot live with. Sure, we all binge on our hunger cravings for what we love, but there is a dark side to the food we intake. It has to be healthy with the right proportion of nutrients so that the body is functioning in the right way and no sort of impairments and diseases touch our lives. Here, let’s just remind ourselves that any meal is not enough, but instead, it has to be balanced and free from toxic substances. To start with, fruits and vegetables are a good way to start walking into a good and healthy life.


Leafy greens and vegetables

When you think of the nearby grocery store next time, just pause for a second. As times change, people are not aware that one can buy grocery online Kochi at more affordable prices with great shopping deals. The plus point is that leafy vegetables and vegetables should be fresh if your body needs a lot of vitamins. So, get to enjoy freshly plucked veggies and make them part of stir-fries, and curries when you pack your tiffins from today.


Dried Pulses

Apart from vegetables, we also need to have a fair share of pulses to get our daily dose of proteins and vitamins. You can get any type of pulses when you order through the home delivery supermarket Kakkanad and these have less or no delivery charges too. Since they are packed well, you will not find any insects like in the normal traditional stores. Add pulses to your diet in the form of dal curry, kadhi, and mixed vegetable and pulses curries. Did you know that pulls have helped a lot in controlling weight, improving hair growth, and reducing blood sugars and even cholesterol? Moreover, they are filling, and very budget-friendly sources of fibre. Add peas and various forms of dal into your daily diet.


Fresh Fruits

Life is just not about vegetables, but you need a fair proportion of fresh fruits too. For this, the best choice to Buy Fruits and vegetables Cochin is to purchase online, as you get daily deals for fruits that have not been soaked with preservatives. They give the necessary dose of antioxidants and rejuvenate the body from toxins. You can drink juices, make ice creams and sorbets with natural fruit this summer and replenish with vitamins like vitamins C.


Dry Fruits

A diet is never complete with the right intake of healthy oils and dry fruits. Here, you should have almonds, cashew nuts, dried figs, and various raisins that fall under Fruits online Kochi. All the products are dehydrated and are juicy inside. Have your daily dose of nuts, and fruits for good hair, bones, teeth, and skin. It helps the skin glow and even ensures that healthy fats are absorbed into the body. In fact, if you chop these nuts into your daily muesli for breakfast and even snack on them during the day, you will not feel hungry and even control your weight issues to a large extent.

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