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Make your meal delicious with fresh fish and meat!

Published on: Jun 10, 2022

“What to cook today?” is a genuine question that comes into the mind of those who cook daily, but the more appropriate question would be "how to cook today?", as the ingredients are always the same. No one can afford a variety of restaurant food on a daily basis, somehow all are redirected to home-cooked foods. 

The culinary geniuses who buy meat online Kochi, make you crave food but how will you make it thoroughly enjoyable in every single bite of this wholesome delicious meat meal. 

Fresh fish and meat are suitable for almost any type of cooking with the recipes enough to include nutrition per serving and the methods include baking, steaming, frying, grilling, broiling, or slow cooking. When cooking fresh, care must be taken not to overcook which results in dryness and somewhat tasteless.

Afraid to cook fresh items? The fresh fish or meat opens up a whole new array of dishes and it becomes easy once you master the basics. Many tried-and-tested techniques are now available in the cooking industry from roasting to pan-frying to achieve a perfectly cooked dish.

Cooking fresh is quick and easy to do, rendering soft and succulent results.

Marinate and cook

The pre-marinated fish or meat will save a lot of prep time and make you love it. You can try recipes in more different style either grill, fry or bake it to bring out a delicious meal with the blooming spices in the oil that will look like you spent the entire day over the stove. In contrast to deep frying and hating yourself for it, try the aromatic spiced fresh fish or meat air frying or shallow frying which creates a richer flavour in the curry. 

Fresh Bake

Baking is a good method to use for cooking fresh fish or meat from the online supermarket Ernakulam. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, blend the seasoning, stuffed or unstuffed, and large, thicker cuts into the fresh fish or meat and should be basted to keep the meat moist.


This produces meltingly tender results perfect for a weeknight meal or the weekends, but you can easily make them by bringing the cooking liquor up to a gentle simmer, lower in the fresh fish or meat and then removing it from the heat. In this process, the fresh fish or meat will continue poaching in the hot liquor and packaged with flavour to go well with the inspiration to your meal preparation and will be ready when the flesh is opaque.


The best method produces a nice, crisp skin cooked thoroughly. Brush the fresh fish or meat pieces with salt and other marination, keep them for a while before making and then lay them on an oiled baking sheet, skin-side up, and grill them until the skin is crisp. 

Frying on a pan

This is a quick method for cooking fresh recipes and it is easy to make. For this, use a heavy-based non-stick frying pan. If you don’t have one, to be easier on the environment it is best to dust the fresh fish or meat with seasoned flour to prevent it from sticking and when the pan is hot, fry them by keeping skin-side first then flip it over. 


This is a great way to cook fresh fish or meat and is done by dropping the fish pieces into a gently simmering curry sauce and letting it boil and cook gradually enough.


To achieve succulent flesh, roast fresh fish or meat in a hot, preheated oven. It can be difficult to gauge the time needed to cook for you and your family that can be tweaked to your liking as it solely depends on the thickness of the piece.

Deep Fry

Online fish delivery in Kochi, brings about the fresh items that are best suitable for deep-frying purposes, also known as deep-fat frying, bringing in a hearty and flavorful one-pot meal. The strong feelings remind me of the influences of meal prep which is a process of immersing food in a pan containing hot oil and cooking the food quickly, picking the right ingredients that satisfy my nutritional needs without sacrificing flavour producing a crispy surface covering a tender and moist interior.

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